Artist’s Statement

As an artist, I have come to know, understand and believe these things……..

  • There is great JOY in learning and growing as an artist.
  • The act of painting is both joyful & intense.
  • Each new painting is a leap of faith—knowledge and understanding merge with heart and soul.
  • Every painting has a story. As an artist, I must ask myself, “What is the story I am trying to tell?”
  • Impression, perception, feeling are the elements that guide my painting.
  • It takes COURAGE to be an artist, an art teacher, an art learner.
  • Each painting leads you to the next one.
  • There is fear, challenge & excitement in each blank piece of paper.
  • Watercolor is at its best when it is spontaneous. Water & paint merge. Lights & darks take shape. Ideas flow and form familiar, friendly images.
  • Hand & brush are one with head & heart.
  • Sharing artwork is sharing a piece of who you are.
  • In order to ‘Be the artist’….. you must ‘BE THE ART’.
  • I am who I am…art is what it is….I am my ART.
  • Painting ‘plein air’ is challenging and fun.
  • Study the ‘masters’…study with ‘the masters’.
  • Van Gogh said, “If a voice within you saying, ‘You are not a painter’, then by all means paint… and that voice will be silenced.” This is true for about most everything.
  • Painting is an adventure. Dare to Paint!
  • My studio is my haven. Come paint with me!



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